We Proudly Present The Best of the Best!

For the first time in over 2 decades we've decided to open our program up to the public. Now, before we get too far, selling dogs is not how we earn our income. We are very successful contractors. With that said, we are not at all stricken by any financial restraints. YES, our dogs are very expensive; We have no interest in giving them away. NO, we will not cut a deal, so please don't ask. We have invested a ton of money and countless hours to get where we are in the dogs, we will not give it away. We are currently in the position that we can keep every single pup we breed. We do not have to sell anything. We have protected and coveted these lines since 1997. We were very fortunate to meet the right Dogmen early on in our career. Due to the fact that we always conducted absolute perfect business and governed our deals with integrity, we had full access to the best of the best. And we absolutely took advantage of the opportunities afforded to us. There is not one single Kennel in the world that has the dogs we have, let alone as tight and as pure. If you purchase a pup from us, you are not just getting a run of the mill pup. You are getting a piece of history; you are getting a piece of all the blood, sweat, tears, and freedom we sacrificed to maintain these dogs; you are getting a piece of not only our legacy, but the legacy of the excellent Dogmen that preceded us and granted us the privilege to own these fine animals. You can have all of this by simply sacrificing some money. Therefore, for some of your hard earned money, you can skip fortifying all the relationships we had to secure to obtain these dogs, as well as 2 decades of meticulously breeding these lines to reach perfection.  OUR DOGS ARE NOT JUST PRETTY PEDIGREES.



Prices Are Subject To Change Without Notice

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