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Steve Hendrick's was the lucky owner of CH Bullshit, as well as the man responsible for making the sought after "White" dogs what they are today. Steve concentrated his breeding program on line breeding Ed Crenshaw's CH Snow & Cotton's CH Bullet through many of the greats down from Randy's Gonner. This blood is known for being intense, intelligent and formidable dogs.  We were introduced to these dogs by Dan Copeland back in 1999. Dan was tasked to look after Steve's dogs for over a decade, while Steve went to "college". We are lucky to join a select few kennels throughout the world who own this blood pure with no outcross. Special thanks to Brad Leinen of MPK for selling us these great dogs. We will protect & cherish these dogs forever.

Steve's CH Bullshit.jpg
Hollywood & D Copeland.JPG
Randy's Gonner ROM.jpg
Hollywood & Dutch 01.JPG
Gonner 001.jpg
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