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Here @ Royal Bull Kennels, we like to consider ourselves inovators and pioneers for our great breed. With today's advancements in technology, every walk of life has been effected. Including our breed. It started a couple decades ago with collecting sperm, then DNA'ing our dogs, now to the latest advancement, cloning our dogs. Here @ RBK we're fortunate enough to take advantage of these technological advancements.


In March of 2023, we linked up with one of the leading Bio-Technology labratories in China, Sinogene. They have blazed the path to re-creating your pet a reality. The outcome of cloning your pet is unbelievable. The clone and the original share many of the exact attributes, such as DNA, temperment, intelligence, and appearance. With all that said, we've taken the plunge and decided to have 2 of our most valuable dogs cloned: Glenn and Toby. We will do more as time passes by. One of which, will be on our BEST EVER, the Great, GRCH Punk!

Glenn Clone 012_edited.jpg
Glenn 086.jpg
Glenn Clone 009_edited.jpg
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