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​Home of the Absolute Best APBT 's in the World.

Royal Bull Kennels was founded in 1996. We have been a Registered Kennel with the American Dog Breeders Association since 1999. We are a Legitimate tax paying LLC. We have professional accountants, as well as attorneys. We specialize in the very best "Punk / Yellow" "Shorty Cowboy" "Cottingham" "Bullshit" "Boomer" "McCool" "Bolio / Tombstone" and "Jeep / RedBoy" Bred Dogs. We've spent the last 25 years of our lives protecting and coveting these bloodlines. We have them pure and outcrossed.


We pride ourselves on Respect, Integrity, Loyalty, and Honor. We live our lives and conduct our business on these very principles. As an APBT breeder, we provide the very best care and living conditions money can buy. None of our dogs are on chains. They all live indoors in a climate-controlled atmosphere away from the nasty elements of Mother Nature. Our APBT's are on strict regiments of monthly worming, bi-annual shots, and the best foods. We will stand up to anyone whom wants to persecute us for being fanciers of the APBT. No one should have to be afraid to own the breed of dog they love.

Here at Royal Bull Kennels, we adhere to a strict regimen to produce the very best representation of what the True American Pit Bull Terrier Standard is. We have dedicated our lives to studying the history of this great breed. With all our knowledge and perseverance, we’re able to offer APBT’s that have excellent confirmation, are extremely social, intelligent, stable minded, athletically superior, courageous and possess an unequivocal prey-drive. We will not compromise any of these attributes. We do not breed for a purpose; Our program is strictly based on the Pillars of the True APBT Standard. Our dogs have the ability to succeed on any level of competition in any working event; be-it from actual wild-hog-hunting competitions to the ADBA Confirmation Show Ring. We are breeding the APBT’s of the past, present, and future; and the only way to do that is to faithfully stick to the ideals of the True APBT Standard to preserve this Amazing Breed.

Royal Bull Kennels reserves the right to deny any person or kennel the opportunity to purchase and/or breed to one of our APBT’s. We believe in the American Pit Bull Terrier in its True form, and offer to our clients the best representations of this breed to be found anywhere. With that said, we will only offer to sell our dogs to those who will provide a living environment conducive to a long, natural, and fulfilled life for these dogs, in the context of social responsibility.

© Copyright 1995-2025 Royal Bull Kennels. All rights reserved.

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