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Our  Bolio ROM - Tombstone ROM  bred studs are based off of  the Patrick's Invicto POR line of Bolio dogs, and Roger Crabb's breeding program. Pat Patrick is hands down one of the best breeders in the history of the APBT. Pat Patrick & Roger Crabb are absolutely elite dogmen. Pat's dogs have been successfully crossed with almost every notable bloodline out there. Roger Crabb took the best of the Bolio and Tombstone dogs and blended them together and based his breeding program off of Anderson's CH Tonka ROM has made an impact on our sport like no other. Whenever you have the opportunity to add pure Pat Patrick Blood to your program you can't go wrong. The Bolio - Tombstone dogs we have are excellent representatives of all the hard work that Pat Patrick & Roger Crabb spent their lives dedicating to the True APBT.  We will protect & cherish these dogs forever.

Indian Bolio ROM.png
Iron Mike 007.jpg
Patrick's Tombstone ROM.png
Pretty Boy 001.jpg
Patrick's Invicto.png
Anderson's CH Tonka ROM.png
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