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Our Jeep - RedBoy dogs are down off of Garret's Little RedBoy, Locke's Turbo, and White's Tab. All 3 are littermates, whom are off of Jeep & Tabby Girl. All produced absolutely amazing dogs. Little RedBoy & Turbo were both owned by Frank Cochran. We are the only Kennel in the world to have this blend of Jeep - RedBoy blood in its purest form. We have been breeding them privately for over 2 decades. We will protect & cherish these dogs forever.

Crenshaw's CH Jeep ROM.png
Marlowe's Tabby Girl ROM.png
Jack The Ripp 001.jpg
Maxx 001.jpg
Turbo Black Tab 005.jpg
Turbo Tab II 001.jpg
Super Tab 001.jpg
Turbo Ugly Buck 003.jpg
Garrett's CH Little Red Boy ROM.jpg
White's Tab ROM.jpg
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