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The Shooter / Banjo dogs are the purest representation of Maurice Carver's breeding program. These dogs became well known and sought after when Coy Dickenson made GRCH with two littermates, Banjo & BB Red. During that same era we owned CH Shooter, a half brother to the two famous GRCH's, and an actual Grandson to Banjo. We are the only Kennel in the world who has tight CH Shooter / GRCH Banjo dogs, and We've been breeding these dogs privately for over 2 decades.. We are the source for pure bred, no outcross, working McCool dogs. We will protect & cherish these dogs forever.

Shooter III 014.jpg
Eddie Monster 002.jpg
Banjo 008.jpg
CH Shooter 01.jpg
Coy's GRCH Banjo.jpg
Coy's GRCH BB Red.jpg
Zink 011.jpg
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