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Royal Bull Kennels is the proud owner of two of the greatest dogs to ever live: GRCH Punk POR and GRCH Toby - DOY 2022Punk and Toby are the best descendants of Tant's GRCH Yellow ROM to ever live. Their descendants continue to carry the torch. We are the source for the very best Punk & Yellow Blood. We also use the Pit Island's CH Thug strain of GRCH Yellow blood to loosen up our Punk line. Thug and Punk are bred very similar and when crossing them together we are able to continue producing pure Yellow dogs without producing any defects associated with inbreeding. We've been privately & selectively breeding this line of dogs for 2 decades. We will protect & cherish these dogs forever.

FUTURE PLANS: It is our plan to take the 2 very best GRCH Yellow lines: Punk and Pit Island; and blend them together to make a Pure Yellow Hybrid line of dogs. We truly believe this will bring us back to the Old-School Yellow dogs of yester-year, full of Hybrid-Vigor. Stay tuned to see what the future holds!

GRCH Yellow 002.png
Tant' AAA ROM.jpg
Tant's Red Devil POR 002.png
Toby 065.jpg
Punk IV 012.jpg
Toby Jr 035.jpg
Toby 2nd 002.jpg
Toby Punk 002.jpg
Ajax II 003.jpg
Ajax Clean 004.jpg
GRCH Punk 001.JPG
Thug Tight 006.jpg
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